Passion. Purpose. Progress.

If you share our passion for helping moms, dads, and babies, our purpose in walking alongside women during pregnancy and beyond, and want to be a part of the continuing progress we’ve made since 1982, consider giving to Shared Pregnancy Women’s Center.

Why Donate

Passion. At Shared Pregnancy, our passion is to educate, empower, and encourage women and families. You give because you are passionate about helping these families. You are eager to see lives transformed and you want to be a part of the incredible work that's being done.

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How to Donate

Purpose. Shared Pregnancy’s purpose is to help women and families and faithful supporters like you make this possible. You share our heart for helping others and your donations are crucial to the mission. A generous one-time gift or a monthly stipend makes all the difference in our work.

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Donation Uses

Progress. We've come a long way since 1982. While still providing emotional, material, and spiritual support, we are continually working to improve how we reach and assist families in the Lansing area, and we can only do this with your help. Partner with Shared Pregnancy to help change lives!

What We Do

Walk alongside us in this amazing journey

You are a vital part of Shared Pregnancy Women’s Center. Through your gifts, we literally change lives. Although you may not directly witness the effect your donation has, you are impacting the futures of women, families, and their babies.

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