Baby Bottle Boomerang

Our Baby Bottle Boomerang is one of the easiest fundraising activities we offer. It allows us to partner with churches, families, groups, schools, and other organizations.

We provide baby bottles to your church or organization. Participants fill the bottles with cash, coins, and/or a check. Once the bottles are filled, they are “boomeranged” back to Shared Pregnancy. Children can participate by offering some of their weekly allowance. Dads can empty their pockets of spare change at the end of the day, and Moms can always find money at the bottom of their purses. Everyone can get involved!

This simple yet fun event is a wonderful way to raise funds to help us empower women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies. Your change can literally change the lives of local families.

Call us at 517-484-1882 or email to request your bottles.

Your Donation Changed Lives In 2023

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